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Newlyweds Gary and Molly are very much in love, and excited about the imminent birth of their first baby. But a devastating medical situation suddenly leaves Gary caring for young Otis alone and facing a mountain of medical bills and the loss of his job. Just when all hope for happiness--and for Molly--evaporates, into their lives comes Molly's estranged sister.

"Leavitt's devotion to her characters, and to a view, gives the story a certain gravity." The New Yorker

 "Leavitt conjures up a cast of nuanced characters." The Washington Post

 "A heart-wrenching work about family love and encroaching tragedy that will keep readers engrossed until its final pages. "
The Philadelphia Inquirer

 "The book's greatest strength is the well-drawn characters. Another installment of Leavitt's consistently strong work."
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

 "Leavitt excels. A richly drawn portrait of what happens after the happiest day of one's life turns into the worst nightmare–and the long journey back. A gripping tale of a young family in crisis." The Boston Globe

"Leavitt, who has been compared to Jane Hamilton and Jacquelyn Mitchard, has a flair for developing characters with whom readers can sympathize." The Orlando Sentinel

 "A nail-biter of a story.. Plenty of heart and an attuned sympathy for the main characters." The Associated Press

 "In the vein of Jane Hamilton. Realistic, well-plotted, eminently readable portrait of a family in crisis."
Kirkus Reviews

 "Leavitt has a talent for creating believable characters whose problems touch the reader's heart."Library Journal

 "Redemption as unlikely as miracles occurs–a fine reading experience." Booklist

 "Caroline Leavitt is a marvelous writer."
Anne Lamott, author of Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts On Faith and Blue Sho

"Leavitt has a real gift for storytelling and characterization. Readers won't want to put this book down."

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