Caroline Leavitt 2016

Newlyweds Gary and Molly are very much in love, and excited about the imminent birth of their first baby. But a devastating medical situation suddenly leaves Gary caring for young Otis alone and facing a mountain of medical bills and the loss of his job. Just when all hope for happiness--and for Molly--evaporates, into their lives comes Molly's estranged sister. A novel about memory and family secrets, about sisters and marriage and finding inroads into a closed community. It's about the inability of anyone to ever be truly safe. And it's about love.

"Leavitt's devotion to her characters, and to a view, gives the story a certain gravity."
The New Yorker

 "Leavitt conjures up a cast of nuanced characters."
The Washington Post

 "A heart-wrenching work about family love and encroaching tragedy that will keep readers engrossed until its final pages. "
The Philadelphia Inquirer

 "The book's greatest strength is the well-drawn characters. Another installment of Leavitt's consistently strong work."
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

 "Leavitt excels. A richly drawn portrait of what happens after the happiest day of one's life turns into the worst nightmare–and the long journey back. A gripping tale of a young family in crisis."
The Boston Globe

"Leavitt, who has been compared to Jane Hamilton and Jacquelyn Mitchard, has a flair for developing characters with whom readers can sympathize."
The Orlando Sentinel

"Shows real flair."
The Baltimore Sun

 "An engrossing story of what it means to be family...a tale for our time that begins with despair and ends with redemption."
The Kentucky Smoky Mountain News

 "A nail-biter of a story.. Plenty of heart and an attuned sympathy for the main characters."
The Associated Press

 "A can't put down novel!"
New Jersey Monthly Magazine

 "In the vein of Jane Hamilton. Realistic, well-plotted, eminently readable portrait of a family in crisis."
Kirkus Reviews

 "Leavitt has a talent for creating believable characters whose problems touch the reader's heart."
Library Journal

 "Redemption as unlikely as miracles occurs–a fine reading experience."

 "Caroline Leavitt is a marvelous writer."
Anne Lamott, author of Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts On Faith and Blue Shoe 

 "Human nature can run from Caroline Leavitt, but cannot hide. She knows people, their fear, their blunders, and their reformation, and she tells them plain."
Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End Of The Ocean

 "A rich and personal novel. What excellent writing, and what subtlety and intelligence inform this book. Readers who wait impatiently for the next Jane Hamilton or Sue Miller novel will find another favorite in Caroline Leavitt."
Katharine Weber, author of The Music Lesson

"Leavitt has a real gift for storytelling and characterization. Readers won't want to put this book down."