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The first day of pre-orders for DAYS OF WONDER landed the title on #48 on Amazon's Pre-order bestsellers. And you can

pre-order from your favorite indie bookstore or to help communities, help authors to be able to keep publishing, and to help readers have more books from authors they love. Every time you pre-order, an angel gets a halo! Pre-order here


All events are eastern time.

Date to come. About the Authors TV with Jake Brown on Tubi TV. With over two million viewers, Jake conducts in-depth interviews with writers like Gillian Flynn, Joyce Carol Oates, Richard Russo and me.

September 6. 7AM Novelist show airing with my reading the first few pages of DAYS OF WONDER. Listen to it  here:

August 14th. PIE LADY BOOKS cover reveal for DAYS OF WONDER!

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