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A sharply wrought story of the intertwining lives of two women: Duse, a strong-willed psychic and Isadora, her daughter, who struggles to find her own identity. 

"Extraordinary. "Publisher's Weekly (starred review)


"Her book describes nothing less than the lifelong struggle between mother and daughter for love, independence and identity. Leavitt has already found her subject–the irrevocably tangled lines that bind every family together and she has staked out a territory of her own." The Washington Post


"Strong and memorable characters. Excellent!" The Los Angeles Times


"Leaps with imagination and establishes Leavitt as an author who will be read, talked about, and heard from again."
The Pittsburgh Press 


"With fresh and teasing inquiries into the nature of identity--a brightly appealing, adventurous and curiously touching exploration." Kirkus Reviews (starred)

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