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Modern Daily Knitting: How knitting hel
ps loss in and out of prison

Psychology Today
: After the Estrangement, from "Runs in the Family," the blog/column I write


The Daily Beast: Maybe it's time we gave this Manson Family killer a break

Writer's Digest: Why it's okay to hire a developmental editor and not keep it a secret

Book Trib: Naming Names and rewriting history: Why I used my family's real names in Days of Wonder.



The Daily Beast I Was in a Coma But No One Will Tell Me What Happened

Poets & Writers: The Novel I Buried Three Times (with Jonathan Evison)

Psychology Today: My Mother's First Love at 93

The Manifest-Station: To Mom With Dementia

The Manifest-Station: My Mother's Boyfriend and Me

The Millions: Killing Me Softly


The Jewish Book Council: Hilarious and Horrifying: 
How Pop Culture Reveals the 50s


New York Times Modern Love: A Writer's Tortoise Leads the Way to Happiness

Feed Me anthology: The Grief Diet


The Weeklings: Caroline, No


New York Magazine: High Infidelity 


Salon: Belly Wounds


Salon: Dating The Birth Mother


Salon: My First Husband's Girlfriend and Me


Salon: The Husband From Hell

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