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A novel about sisters, suburbia, madness and love. Bess grows up in the shadow of her beautiful, brilliant sister Rozzy. But as Rozzy grows, cracks begin to appear, Something is profoundly wrong with Rozzy. And as she becomes increasingly disturbed, the family begins to unravel and Bess struggles to sort out the forces that that shaped this miracle gone wrong and to understand how inextricably her own life has been intertwined with Rozzy's.


"This is a good novel, worth the stir it's creating. Leavitt has created real people for whom we care, and she has an easy, flowing style that is almost conversational."
Atlanta Journal-Constitution


"Leavitt's writing shows feeling and authority. A promising first effort." 
Boston Globe


"Leavitt is a deft writer who brings a nice, wry specificity to the most incidental description." 
New York Times Book Review


"Leavitt's first novel is graceful, insightful tale of family and love and the primal bond between siblings, with scenes that snag the reader's memory. Like Rozzy herself, this is special."
Library Journal


"Like Judith Guest's Ordinary People, Meeting Rozzy Halfway shows us the dark side of upper-middle-class American family life. Underlying both of these stories is the same desire to get at the heart of what happens between siblings and also between parents and the complex messages exchanged within the family organism."
Washington Post Book Word.


"This novel is, in a word, excellent. Leavitt is a wonderfully imaginative and compassionate writer. Her characters are rich and her voice is strong."
Publisher's Weekly (starred review)


"There is so much in this book that is moving, so many phrases that have a life and grace that lift the reader out of his chair, and such overwhelming sincerity in Leavitt's prose that one finally comes away with the feeling that this is indeed a writer of talent."
Houston Chronicle

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